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High Holiday Stuff Mug

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There is so. much. to. do.

Gift your favorite celebrant this mug. Deliver it with the energy boosting beverage of their choice. You'll be 'rabbi's favorite' in no time ;) 

Replace your boring white drinking mugs with this cute modern stylish mug! Designed to keep you motivated at home or in the office during your hard day.

White Gift Box with Protective Styrofoam If the order quantity is more than one piece, your mug will be shipped in Double Sided Protective Mug Box.

Elementally designed Jewish Chanukah Coffee Mug is perfect gift for birthday's, Mother's Day, teacher gifts, or other special occasions.


  • AAA Quality 11oz Ceramic Mugs
  • Break/Chip Resistant Dishwasher Safe Microwave Safe  
  • 8 Colors to Choose From Shipping Packaging